Easy oven cleaning method


The easiest way to clean the oven is to wipe it off with a wet tissue before it becomes dirty after use.
If you use a wet tissue, you can throw it away after using it, so you can save the trouble of cleaning it after cleaning the oven.
It’s also the most efficient way to clean the oven, as oil can easily drain when it’s warm.

However, it’s a hassle to wipe it off every time, and if the dirt is left unattended and it becomes difficult to remove it, clean the oven with baking soda.

Cleaning the oven with baking soda

Since the oven is a cooking appliance that handles food, we want to use detergent that contains as few chemical substances as possible.
Baking soda can be contained in your mouth without any problems, and the price is low, so you can easily use it in places such as the oven to cook.

For baking soda, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 part of water to make baking soda.
Baking soda water is useful not only in the oven but also for cleaning the outside.

Put the baking soda in a heat-resistant container, and chill it in the microwave for 2 minutes without wrapping.
Wait for a while without opening the door and fill the microwave oven with steam to float the dirt.
When the oven becomes dirty, wipe it off and clean it.
Removes oil stains and odors and makes them shiny.

If the oven still doesn’t come off, use a baking soda paste to clean it.
Mix baking soda with a little water to make a paste and coat it in the oven, and wait for a while.
Then clean the dirt with an acrylic scrubbing brush and you’re done.


In addition, you can also remove dirt with a melanin sponge containing water.
Especially recommended for cleaning the glass part of the oven door.
Finally, spray vinegar water that is a mixture of vinegar and water and wipe it dry.

Cleaning the toaster with baking soda

You can also use baking soda to clean the oven toaster.
First lay the newspaper, remove the oven toaster pan and wash with kitchen detergent.
Melanin sponge is useful for stains that are hard to remove.

Remove the net and wash with kitchen detergent.
For stubborn stains on the oven, cleaning with baking soda paste and an acrylic scrubbing brush is still effective.
The inside wall is sprayed with sodium bicarbonate water to wipe it off.
At that time, the cloth may become black and you may not be able to use it, so clean it with unnecessary items.
As with the oven, the glass part of the door will be clean with a melanin sponge.
Use a toothbrush to clean even small crumbs.


Cleaning the oven takes a bit of effort in cleaning the kitchen , and it is a place that is usually out of reach.
That’s why it is recommended that you clean it regularly before the dirt settles.
Why not try cooking delicious food in a clean oven?



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