What is the best way to dispose of disused items?


Disposal methods for a large number of disused items, such as flea websites and collection by businesses. For those who do not know how to dispose, we will explain the recommended disposal method for each case.


1) If you do not hurry

Consider using flea websites that are likely to cost more.
In any case, I’d be happy if I replaced it with a little money.
The advantage of using the site is that it can be seen by many people, making it easier to find buyers.
However, in that case, you need to register the photos and explanations and handle the complaints after the sale yourself.
In addition, shipping and handling are often required.

If you don’t want to do that, talk to them to see if there are any people around you who might need it.
The risk of complaints is low if you can hand it over after actually seeing it, and if you sell it for the same amount, you will get more money than you can use the site.

You can also bring your own items that are unlikely to be expensive to the garbage disposal site .
In that case, the disposal cost will be cheaper than having them come to the collection.
In most cases, the designated collection date is fixed, so please check the website of the local government in advance.

2) If you want to dispose of it early

2-1) When you can carry it yourself

Bring things that seem to be expensive to a recycle shop.
Since they often charge the price on the spot, you can instantly cash it.
In order to raise the purchase price, the point is to clean the dirt that you can remove yourself.

Woman disposing of a magazine


If the price seems unlikely , send it to the local government for collection.
The disposal cost will be incurred, but the advantage is that there is no need to attend the collection to adjust the schedule.
However, please note that some items such as home appliances cannot be collected.
Please check the website of the local government in advance.

<Flow of collection>

  1. First, check the municipality’s website to see if it can be disposed of and how much it costs, then apply by phone or online.
  2. Purchase a garbage disposal ticket according to the cost. Depending on the region, you can easily get it at many convenience stores.
  3. Stick the garbage disposal ticket on the garbage and put it in the designated collection place.

2-2) If you can’t carry it yourself or there are many things

If you want to dispose of a heavy item or a lot of items at once, leave it to a professional scrapper.
You can choose your own support depending on the work cost, so you can order according to the situation.
Pregnant women and elderly people should choose not to help.

Also, if there are many items, it will take time and cost to dispose them separately, so it is recommended to dispose of them all at once.

Disposal company and women

3) Comparison of professionals who collect unwanted items

Sometimes we need to go into the house to work on the collection of disused items, so when asking a professional, we want to choose a reliable place.
In the Living Market, you can compare professionals who collect waste items with real user reviews and fees.
We also provide compensation for damages, so you can use it with confidence.



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